1911 Swenson Thumbshield Thumb Safety.

Dual Prevents Thumb-To-Slide Contact

Ambidextrious thumb safety with extra-high shield ensures a safe "high thumb" position. Prevents even the slightest thumb-to-slide contact for more consistent cycling and less chance of jams. Large, oversized thumb contact area is comfortably curved to match the natural shape of the thumb; provides increased leverage for better recoil control.

1911, Issue:11, Page:012
Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:107
Sinclair, Issue:1A, Page:012
Thumb Shield Safety, Ambidextrous
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El Dorado AR

  • Pros Does Keep The Thumb Off
  • Cons Bad finish
  • Was this a gift? No

Good design. But there are issues.

The part comes very much in the rough. And unless you plan on hard chroming after fitting I'd suggest you look for something else.



Not"Jim the Runner"!


  • Pros Has a unique thumbslide, Oversized to acheive what
  • Cons Function degrades quickly, Not hardened properly
  • Describe Yourself Gun Collector
  • Was this a gift? No

Great concept/Poor Execution...

I got this product to help assist in keeping my thumb from contacting the slide on a 9mm 1911. Given the lower recoil impulse of 9mm, and my big thumbs, a little thumb contact with the slide on a 1911 can lead to feeding problems which I usually don't experience on a 45. (I know, adjust your grip... but I thought I'd give this a try since I needed an ambi safety anyways for this particular pistol). The part is greatly oversized and once I shaped it to where I wanted it, it felt awesome in the hand and really helps you hang onto the gun.My main problem is that the steel is too soft and the plunger pin would wear a channel through it over time (50+ actuations of the safety) and this created a gritty, difficult to actuate safety. So I polished the spring loaded plunger pin and even flatened it out a bit to spread the surface area contact out, polished the the safety and cheecked for excess spring pressure from the plunger spring. Result: it worked like a charm, but for only another 25-50 actuations of the safety. After another round of redressing the surfaces and even trying to reshape them, I realized that the metal making this unit is just too soft. I even tried hardening the metal with heat and then plunging into water but this was a failure (especially since I can only get it so hot). IMHO the problem is that this part is made of cast metal that is not properly hardened. I could have gotten a bad one, but I have now read other reviews elsewhere that express concerns about the workmanship of this part. I wish it wasnt made out of garbadge, because I love the way it feels. I'll go for an Ed Brown ambi, which in my experience has always been solid and reliable. (Evidently the only thing good about this Swenson is the name, not the part!)

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